I am on this continuous journey of overcoming my desire to satisfy other people more than myself. I am a huge people pleaser and I struggle many times finding worth in myself. I don’t care about how I feel but more for my friends and family. This can be positively viewed as being selfless but negatively, it is a huge silent burden on my heart. noticed this trait of mine long time ago in middle school but it was not until recently that I realized I need to fix this. This project portrays my "baby steps" of this journey I am currently on. Who knows how long this will take.

To execute this concept, I initially posted items on Depop but I was flagged by them so they took all my things down on Monday. I had to make really last minute adjustments because it was so unexpected but I decided to take my items to eBay. The initial trigger behind this project was that, as I was analyzing Depop, I realized that people are using this service to sell items that they ultimately no longer want or want to keep. However, other people are hunting for those items and are buying them higher prices because they find worth in it and consider them very useful. So that got me into thinking what if I sell things that are very significant and important to me for a very low price? But not things or objects but more services, memories, secrets, etc. The reason to why I would sell them for a cheaper price is because like I mentioned, I’m a big people pleaser and I tend to prioritize other’s satisfactory above mine. Even though being this vulnerable with an audience may cost huge embarrassment or uncomfortability in me, as long the recipient enjoys it, I am satisfied.

This project is somewhat an expansion to this one project I carried out last semester where I asked my close friends on Instagram to give me any random dares, some really gave me extreme dares such as dye your hair purple, and I did them. Again, this plays with the idea of doing anything for my friends’ satisfaction. While that project was completely free entertainment to them, this online intervention projects requires some kind of cost even though it is very cheap, again connecting to baby steps of this journey.

Here is my ebay page:

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