This project is taken place on Youtube. Youtube has a lot of videos about life hack tutorials. I wanted to do the same thing but with a twist. I wanted to make life hacks on ways to get away with things. No one ever does it and I know these actions are not good to do but it was a concept I am interested in. I made three videos: how to photoshop a cigarette out of someone’s hand, how to get free Fuku Tea and how to get away with cheating on an exam. I chose all three of these ideas for specific reasons.

I chose photoshopping a cigarette out of someone’s hand because this is something I have done a lot. I have had nicotine addiction since high school, but my parents did not know about it. As a result, I would have to cover it up all the time. I would cover the photographs through the use of photoshop.

            I chose getting free food and drinks because that is something everyone wants to know. I chose Fuku Tea, a shop in Oakland that sells Bubble Tea, because I went there a lot my freshman year and I used the same techniques I used in the video. I figured out early on that I could get extra points because I would deliver drinks to my friends while getting a drink for myself. Another benefit is going outside because I would be getting fresh air, sunlight and some exercise. I see this as a win-win type of situation. Also, this hack can be used in any other shop. It can be anything as long as there is a point system with every purchase.

            Before I say anything about the final video, I want to say this: I do not condone cheating at all. However, I have done it in the past and I am not proud of it. For the concept of the project, I am showing a few old tricks.

There are always these “heroes” to the community that do not exactly listen to the rules but do good for the community, sort of like a vigilante. I wanted to make my content to be like that, I wanted myself to be a “mystery”. As a result, I hid my identity by making all my commentary through texts on the video. I made a new channel with a new identity so that people would not know. I did add my first name but nothing else.

I took photographs with an iPhone X, videos on Snapchat, edited photographs on Adobe Photoshop and edited the video on Adobe Premiere Pro.

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