We currently live in a highly technological world; it is almost impossible to function without the internet. With advanced social networking services available, it is easy to meet people with similar interests. Using those services, I have made many great relationships online. With hundreds of great relationship(much like offline relationships), we are met with those that are horrible. While brainstorming ideas for this particular project, I was going through an emotionally challenging period due to a fall out with one of my internet friends. While now(about a month after the incident) I’ve fully realized that it is not my fault that this happened, at the time I went through an intensive depression episode. Due to all of this, I decided to take a short break from the internet, and brought Twitter, an online networking platform, offline. 

“Unsent” is a 5 layer serigraphy print. The print is created to visually mimic a tweet, which are strings of texts under 140 characters that can be posted online. During the incident, I was in a strange period in which I couldn’t post things that I wanted to say, despite it being my personal account. Therefore, I wanted to create an offline version of said hypothetical tweet and spread it to people offline. I created 23 small versions and 8 large poster versions. Much like the retweet function on Twitter, the prints were distributed to people. 

I created this piece to encourage discussion about boundary between social media and real life. Upon distributing the smaller versions to people in class, I was met with the question of “what do you want us to do with these?” Or “What if we don’t care?” My answer was simply:  I don’t care either. Thought and emotions on the internet are widespread and it is the reader(or in this case, the receiver)’s decision to respond, ignore, expand, etc. Upon creating this piece, I was also able to reflect on myself and my usage of the internet. 

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