Unnamed Pedestrian Bridge

For this project, I responded to a small pedestrian bridge located in Shadyside. The bridge runs above the MLK Jr. East Busway and is situated between two residential areas. It’s not particularly visible from either Ellsworth Avenue or Centre Avenue, which are the two major roads that run on either side. It's well-hidden and generally unknown by the Pittsburgh public. This past summer, I ended up subletting a room right by the bridge. Since it’s somewhat secluded and quiet, I spent a lot of time sitting on its steps or talking to friends while looking down the busway. It became a source of comfort and escape. I never saw anyone else use the bridge as anything other than a way to get from one side to the other. Visually, the structure isn’t very inviting because of its rusty stairs and graffitied ground, and it’s insignificant enough that it doesn’t have a name. To celebrate this unnamed pedestrian bridge, I created and put up a plaque on its fence. The plaque commemorates my relationship with the bridge. I also put up balloons on the fence of the bridge to generate more attention. The balloons made the bridge more noticeable from Ellsworth Avenue. Hopefully, through reading about my experience with a space that's seen as ordinary and mundane, others might become more conscious about similar spaces and what they have to offer.

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