ultimate directions to CVS

This project is a sequel to the “place project” that I did by spending time attempting personal conversations with strangers on the bus. I found that many people were uncomfortable talking about themselves, and I realized that the better way to start a conversation was if I had a need and their role was to be friendly strangers willing to help out. I asked strangers waiting for the bus at the UC bus stop for directions to the nearest CVS. Almost everyone who knew the directions responded positively to the requests, and I was able to gather much more participation and eagerness. After hearing their directions, I asked them to draw a simple map along with the explanation, and I gathered them into a book of ultimate ways to get to the nearest CVS from the University Cohon center. Some pleasant surprises along the way were how some strangers pointed out a different CVS nearby that I did not expect, or how some people refused to draw a map because they weren’t sure of the exact location or because they were not good drawers. These people left the paper blank, and I in turn left them blank as well. I also realized that this experience was more comfortable for me as well, as I did not have to ask intimate questions. Still, talking to more than fifty people at a bus stop was time demanding and challenging, and I had to wait for a person to leave before I could ask the next person for directions. Another new challenge that I faced with this project was having to bind a book together. Looking at a demonstration of how things work and having to do it myself was very different.

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