@uglycalligraphy on Instagram



For my online intervention I chose Instagram as my platform. More specifically, I wanted to create a disturbance in the carefully curated subworld of calligraphy artists and lettering artists on this network by creating an account called “uglycalligraphy.” I decided that this was a topic worth looking into when I made the account for my initial contextual analysis, especially because I was surprised that no one had taken the username in the first place. The social media is littered with pictures of often gorgeously crafted penmanship, so I wanted to interrupt that somehow, whether it be through intentionally “bad” handwriting, questioning why we tend to afford out attention to only the most groomed and aesthetically pleasing of pictures, regardless of subject. My end result ended up overlapping more with my interests the collaging of material than I originally anticipated, and I posted a piece divided into multiple images, taking advantage of the static 3-column grid. This comes at the cost of interrupting my own original work and flooding the single-column feed of my meager 12 followers, but that is another part of the interventional aspect of the project, drawing more attention to my non-rule-abiding profile.



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