Thumb War

Video Here

Taylor and I hosted a thumb wrestling tournament, otherwise known as “Thumb War”. We chose Thumb wrestling because it is an activity that most people have had experience with since childhood and for those who haven’t it is easy to learn on the spot. We decided to adopt the theatrics common in WWE such as wrestling ‘characters’, over the top commentators, a central wrestling ring and high energy matches.

The group our project targeted was college students, we felt this group would be the most willing to participate in a project like this and the atmosphere of a college campus allows for a set up like ours to exist without much worry of officials coming and requesting we take it down. Also Taylor and I are part of this group. Taylor and I acted as both coaches and hype-men before and during the match, by doing this we got people to buy into the competitive atmosphere and give their all to the competition. We had pairs of people that didn’t know each other before wrestling and pairs that came to the competition together; in the matches everyone competed with the same air of familiarity.

In the end the matches were not about winning a tangible reward, although our winners received a metallic pipe cleaner to decorate their thumb champion with, the main focus was on the spectacle.

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