The Omegle Guy Book

For This Project, I made a youtube channel documenting the interactions I had with guys I met on Omegle. For each one on one video chat I’ve posted on Youtube, I came up with a title and made a thumbnail for it to make it more like a normal youtube video. Despite the clickbait title and catchy thumbnails, when you actually click into it, you’ll see that there really aren’t any quality contents at all - just two boring people exchanging their boredom. 

When I started this project, I wanted to test people’s tolerance with a stranger like me doing meaningless gestures. However, after a few tries I found their randomness and boringness genuinely very entertaining. So during my later interactions, I stopped making leading moves and mainly let the stranger on the other side take dominance of our conversation.  Many of the conversations I had were fast, less than 10 minutes. For them strangers, these were probably just insignificant episodes of their life that they won’t even think twice about. I wonder if they will remember me after all those connects and disconnects; if our conversation meant anything at all. I certainly will remember them.The youtube channel is an album I made for all my Omegle “friends.”  

Besides the quick, direct people, there were also people who were willing to spend 30 minutes talking nonsense. Considering all the available forms of entertainment out there in our current world and the amount of people we meet face to face everyday, it’s fascinating that one is willing to waste their time with a complete stranger on a sketchy online platform. Essentially Omegle is a website of nothingness: everyone remains anonymous, most conversations won’t be remembered, and certainly most conversations don't have real valuable contents. But people still visit it. This made me want to reexamine our day to day real life interactions. Maybe we are all holding back. Maybe we all find it(the real world) insufficient of our needs that we turn to websites like omegle. 

Our real identity is the barrier between us and our desired human interactions. 

So I made this youtube page - in memory of all the real guys out there pursuing their strong desire for interpersonal connections on a website of nothingness.

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