For my intervening online project, I wanted to subvert stereotypical power dynamics surrounding sugar babies and sugar daddies. When society thinks of sugar daddies, they mostly think of men using and taking advantage of women for their youth and beauty, and exerting power over them. I have always seen “sugaring” as a situation where two groups are mutually exploiting each other’s desirable posessions– men exploiting certain women for their beauty and youth, and women exploiting certain men for their money. So why is it that women are seen as the ones being abused? I wanted to subvert the stereotypical notion that men are in power in this dynamic, by taking things to the opposite extreme and placing women in a position of power over men. I spoke to the sugar daddies on Seeking Arrangement (sugar daddy dating site), asserting that I was the one in power and control, and making it clear that I was using them for their money. I was interested in what types of reactions I would receive. Sure enough, I got a lot of men submitting to my statements probably for the sake of getting sex in return, some men who just didn’t understand what was going on at all, and some men that got defensive and attempted to assert their dominance, or remind me of the fact that I was being used for my body. This project took a whole bunch of unexpected turns and detours, but I am pretty happy with my final experiment and feel like it got to the heart of what I’m interested in about this sugar daddy topic, and what I want to say/explore about these issues.

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