student bus borders

I wanted to explore what the “outer bounds” of CMU campus is based on where students leave the bus.

I took the 61 B and 61 D bus outbound from the Morewood stop. I took notes of how many students leave and enter every bus stop. (I guessed whether people are students by whether they wear backpacks.) When the last student left the bus, I got off the bus stop, took notes on the location, went on the inbound bus towards Downtown, and then the outbound bus back to CMU. In the end, I only got off at one stop, Murray Ave/Morrowfield; the other times I ended up making a full loop since there were 1-2 students still on the bus.

I created a pattern/map with the bus stops as points and outer bounds. The last bus stop (or the turning point of the loop) was the edge of the pattern. I also made circles from the CMU bus stop, to the bus stop where most students left at. I printed it out in RISOand layered with some photos and notes I took at the bus stop. The written notes are placed near the bus route location on the diagram. I folded one diagram along with bus route path to make it more 3D and resemble a leaf, and placed it at the Murray Ave/Morrowfield bust stop. For the other diagram, I taped it to the inside window of the bus, since I stayed on the bus for the entire loop.

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