Skinny Building Saga

I wrote a story about the Skinny Building in downtown Pittsburgh.

Initially, I wanted the written story to be my art piece. However, it has sparked very interesting conversations and I would like those in themselves to be the point of this project.

At first I wanted to make an audio installation, where a person could walk up to a button on the building and hear my story if they pressed it. I wrote the story over a few days, and then asked one of my black friends to help me record it. We went to the recording studio in CFA, but instead of actually performing it, we ended up simply discussing my intentions with the project and the critical issues in art and human decency it represented. He helped me realize that audio was not the best medium to present it with.

I ideally would want to present it as a children's book with illustrations (which I will potentially complete in the future), but for the time I had left to finish the project, I just printed out all the stanzas of the story on their own pages and stacked them together like a manuscript. I left this stack of paper at the bus stop across the street from the Skinny Building, then watched it for about a half hour. It received a good amount of interaction, so I thought it was okay to leave. Immediately after I left, a police officer/security guard came out of the fancy business building behind the bus stop, read the story, and threw it away. Luckily I had decided to drive by the stop on my way back home, so I was able to catch this moment on video (see below).

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