Single Snack

I made mockups for individually packed snacks. A lot of people are buying food in bulk, and I thought it would be interesting to have single snack packs as a contrast to this phenomenon. The individual snacks look really weird by themselves, since they are usually seen in a group. A lot of snacks emphasize abundance (look at snack commercials), and I wanted to see what kind of impact the snack has if it is by itself. (Social distancing between snacks) Also wanted to touch on the idea of unnecessary packaging. I designed the package to look like a sd card package; each snack is in a plastic container. Also, I changed all the logos/names to singular. This entire thing is satirical, and I would not want this to exist in real life. I made a tag yourself meme and tried to personify each snack, with how they are coping with isolation.

^^ a rough physical mockup made out of paper and packing tape.

^^^ tried to personify the snacks

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