Share a Memory

Project #2 Artist Statement

For my project I focused on collecting an archive of memories from posting ads on Craigslist. I posted a total of 7 different images to Craigslist for people to respond to. Each image is of an object from my home including, a tree in my front yard, my car, my dog, a pair of my shoes, the couch in my basement, my bathtub, and the stairs leading to the second floor. I did this because I already have my own personal memories with the objects, so I was interested in seeing what memories other people had with items they have never seen in real life. With this project I used Craigslist as a way to share stories instead of its intended use of selling items and offering jobs to people in one’s area. In each posting I asked for people to respond by sharing a memory that the photo reminded them of. My goal for this project is to see how people have different memories associated with the same photo. I have recently become very interested in exploring memory and personal moments in my work. I am interested to see how the memories people relate to a certain image may differ. I organized the results into a book mimicking Craigslist minimalist platform. I chose one response that I thought was the closest to what I was looking for and most interesting to put in the book. Each page of the book has the image I provided and the response I chose that came from Craigslist.

While posting I found that I received many more responses from certain images. The car and dog received the most responses, most likely because they are more relatable objects. Other images such as the tub, tree, and stairs were very hard to get responses from, so I had to repost them multiple times in various locations. I often posted images various parts of New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh because there are large populations there so I knew I would get more responses. I also found that although Craigslist is for selling items and jobs, I found that many people visit the site for sexual reasons. One person tried to ask about a bra in the corner of a photo and the story of that. I also had people send me nude photos and dick pictures as well as many sexual stories. I found it really interesting how people were so comfortable and open with sharing such photos and personal stories to someone they do not know. I wish I had had more time with this project so that I could have made a larger book. If I were to continue, I would keep posting images and collecting responses to have more content in the book.

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