Scene 4: The Big Performance (Place Project)

This piece “Scene 4 The Big Performance” is an excerpt from a soon to be short film which is the result of two CMU improvisers performing an experimental duo set at the Arcade Comedy Theater in downtown Pittsburgh. Arcade is the only non-for-profit comedy theater in Pittsburgh whose mission statement is to help make comedy more accessible to the greater Pittsburgh area and provide opportunities for new comedians to perform and learn. Due to their mission statement, I wanted to have a performance at Arcade that highlights the struggles women comedians can face even when the doors are opened up for them. Having and documenting this performance where the women’s voice is muffled was important to do in conversation with this space and Arcade’s mission statement. 
This scene will be a part of a short film which is a somewhat surrealist film about women in comedy and the barriers that many often face. The short film shows her signing up to be in comedy, getting distributed her helmet, struggling to adjust to these limitations in rehearsal, getting her chance to perform, being upset about bombing, and the getting help from friends which doesn’t solve her problems but makes them a little easier. “Scene 4 The Big Performance” is where the protagonist finally has her big break to perform, but she is not heard well, the audience is empty, and she is often belittled by her stage partner. This was mainly a great learning experience for me, because even though I made a lot of technical mistakes, I was able to practice some more formal qualities of film making and get my hands on new equipment. 

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