rnayyar: Change References

I saw this last year. It’s not really an art piece, but more of a social activist tag. I drew most of my inspiration for my Change project from this video. I feel like Asians and Asian Americans are consistently dismissed as unresponsive, hard to provoke, model minorities that get picked on because of their perpetual foreigner status. Despite Asians also contributing to the building of the country (past and present), we still retain a sense of “otherness” that’s dangerous, discriminatory, and alienating.

We’re too Westernized to fit into our Eastern cultural identity, and too Eastern looking for the Westerners to accept us as assimilated American people. This video pertains directly to the weird cultural and social purgatory Asian Americans are pushed into in this day and age.

“typical” names for sale at a souvenir shop in Daytona, FL.

I have never, ever ever seen my name on any of these items. And my family travels a lot! I’m sure thousands/millions of other Americans haven’t seen their names on these things either, but we always look! We’ll always try and see if there’s anything similar. I was also inspired by these little souvenirs and how they’re relevant to the “All-American Experience”.

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