Revenge of the Underwear Girl: Now Performing at Target

Live stream available at Instagram, @offday_goth

Some parts of the stream available on Google Drive link:


For this Place project, I performed at a nearby Target (6231 Penn Avenue) where I wore countless bras on my person in a live stream on Instagram. Recently, Target has been launching lingerie that is low-cost and body-inclusive which I found interesting, as there were also mannequins that were thin, pale as well as how the majority represented in these lingerie ads and brands were white, thin women that have well-endowed busts. I wanted to look into this as well as experience the endurance of the acts I committed (what kind of reactions would it draw? would it sit well with the authorities of a marketplace? how long could I handle the performance?). 

I live-streamed this on Instagram, where lingerie advertisement is extremely common as well as body images, so that I could draw in more of a crowd as well as put in my take of this common theme on the website. I was very surprised by the reactions of the staff at Target, where they did not care that much (some would even pass by me, not looking one bit at the event). I expected to at least get a warning, but this did not deter me as I kept performing at my own pace. I received some interesting interactions from passerby (awkward glances, comments, a photo taken of me, sometimes outright ignoring me and my performance).

For this piece, I recorded myself putting on multiple bras before I cat walked around the lingerie section. The video ends in me posing next to a mannequin, similar to its pose and acting like a mannequin that just happens to be a bra monster (a monstrously well-endowed bra monster that happens to hide a not-caucasian, not entirely thin, awkward loser).


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