For this project, I chose Construction Junction on Lexington Street for my location and observed the objects, people, and the environment/atmosphere. I visit the store very often but every time I went, I only focused on the objects and never on the other elements. Therefore, I decided to take my eyes off of what I usually focus on and observe the place with a different perspective.

At first I noticed all the dusts and dirt piled on the objects and linked it with the idea of dust representing memories and age. There was a lot of ways I could execute this idea but I decided to dig deeper into the idea of "transformation." While I was observing the store as my first step, I realized that many of the objects have been there for a while and I know because I've seen them since last year and also because it had a lot of dirt on it. I started to feel empathy towards the objects because all of them has so much potential to be used to its fullest and be functional again but nobody was purchasing them. I wanted to help and give the objects an opportunity to find its new home by giving them a "makeover."

I went around the store and looked for items that I felt empathy towards them and objects with a lot of dust. I used towels, brushes, and Clorox to clean/ take their "flaws" away and kept the dirts and used towels in a container. By doing this, I am giving the objects a chance to be discovered and sending them off to a new journey in potential. I originally intended to give each of them a name or label but I decided not to because the dusts and dirt I've collected are their "flaws" and I don't think it's necessary to record who's flaws those are and embarrass them. As we go through life, we shouldn't look and focus on the flaws, but learn how to improve from there.

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