Project 3 Final Documentation

My Project 3 was about the Phantom of the Attic comics shop. I went there on a Friday for some hours to observe and sketch 12 pages using pencil, pen, and brush pens.

The shop had a very bright and fun feeling that I wanted to convey with my sketches. The brush pens were a great medium for that -- colorful strokes to show the energy of the comics shop in bright, poppy colors. They were a bit hard to control, but I ended up leaning into the imprecision to draw with more child-like simplicity. I used brush pens in the sketches where I meant to show the general architecture and atmosphere of the place.

When I wanted to show more detail, I switched to pencil. In one sketch I walked around the store and drew the covers that caught my eye. In another I sat down next to a shelf and copied the names of each book. The sheer volume of books in the store was amazing. That's the main reason I chose the comics shop as my location: I really love the feeling you get when you're in a bookstore and feel like there's so many new things to discover, just laid out in front of you.

In documenting this project, I was debating whether to show these pages in the original sketchbook or in a 3x4 grid, but I ended deciding on this setup on the wall that would allow the pages to be viewed together and visually interact with each other. To create more dynamic motion, I arranged the pages loosely without straight lines, and even took my scissors to a few pages to take out the most interesting parts and create more intricate silhouettes. I think this method of display is more effective than my original ideas at encouraging people to see the pieces as their own elements worth looking closer at, but still coming together to make a greater whole representing the comics shop.

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