Place Project (Film Poster)

For the "Place" project, I decided to create a fake film poster and promote the "mock", non-existant film inside the Southside Works Cinema of Pittsburgh. The purpose of this project is not only to project my digital art piece in a public place but also to imitate my personal dream, which is becoming a filmmaker and see the poster of my film promoted in a public theater.

The first task for this project is to create a movie poster that looks plausible and convincing. I researched various Hollywood posters and similarities of all the posters I could discover through the movie database. The template of Hollywood film posters contain the movie title (mostly on the middle), the credits listed on the lower side of the poster, and logos of film companies labelled at the low end. Sometimes, there are MPAA(Motion Picture Association of America) ratings labelled at the bottom, but not always. At the top, the poster should have some text that can attract viewers and slightly hint them what the film is about. The overall look of the film is very important because it affects the popularity and the gross when the film is officially released.

The poster I created is about a "mock" film called "Pale District". "Pale District" is a story that takes place in a post-apocalyptic set in the year 2044 where zombies who were infected during the plague are imprisoned (a large circular fence) in a district located in the middle of a large-scale city. Due to such imprisonment and control by the national military, humanity is now safe from infection unless someone breaks through the fence.

I have been working on this story since last semester, but I never had an opportunity to create into a visual form due to assessments. I believe that creating a poster for this concept would also help as a starting point of recognizing what the characters in "Pale District" look like and how the setting visually looks.

Using Adobe Photoshop, I drew an outline of the poster that briefly depicts where the characters (Ash and Randy) are located in the poster and what the background would look like. I then started to apply colors after adding layers on top of the outline. The color palette is mainly shades of brown and blue throughout to increase the atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic set.

After finishing the characters by adding shades and details, I added asphalt cracks and debris on front of them to emphasize that the city has turned into ruins. I then added abandoned, rusty cars behind with large skyscrapers, which imply that the city Ash and Randy are in is a large-scale city, similar to New York or Los Angeles. After finishing the bone of those bulidings, I applied shades and details to enhance the plausibility of the background. Furthermore, I drew grass poking through cracks and buildings to create a sense that the apocalypse took place for a prolonged time period.

After finishing the art piece, I added text that includes the title, "Pale District", the credits and the text on the top that briefly implies what the film is about. The layout follows the traditional Hollywood poster template, and after all the text is added, it turned out to be a convincing film poster.

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