Last spring, my parents purchased a house in Lawrenceville. It was an estate sale because the owner of the house, Peggy, had passed away. The street they live on is mostly occupied by elderly Pittsburghers, those who have lived in Lawrenceville their entire adult lives. My parent’s next door neighbor, Heizy, has lived in the same house since she was a little girl. Heizy just turned 80. Only a few houses on their street have been bought up and renovated. There is a stark difference in the modern architecture of the homes that have been gutted and the quintessential brick townhomes that line the streets. 

Peggy’s family left most of her belongings in the house when they sold it. When my parents moved in, they began to sort through her life: tools, virgin mary statues, furniture, and other odds and ends. My parents kept much of the furniture as it had been left, as it was in pretty good condition (or too heavy to move).

For this project, I took photos of her belongings as she had left them or repositioned them to how I imagined her to leave them. I included my mom in a few of the photographs to reference her entry into the home and this sort of second life for Peggy’s belongings. 

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