Peek A Boo

This project was collaborated with Dayoung Chung (

Uncut Version of the 30.5 x 40.5 Collaborated Artwork:

Cover Page #1:

Cover Page #2:



Physical Printout of the Book:

For this participation project, we—Kate and Dayoung—decided to interact with the students of The Children’s School at CMU. The goal of this project was to capture the enthusiasm and energy of young children in the physical realm and how perspectives differed from age. This idea grew from the fading wonders and innocence of childhood and how this transition affects the way we perceive and translate objects as we age. We attempted to capture it through direct interaction, in which children’s creativity and attitudes naturally faded through the artwork as a whole.

The art session lasted for approximately two hours, of which over 20 children participated. We chose to use a 40.5”x30.5” sheet of white Rives BFK paper for it was able to capture most of the materials we had prepared: colored paint, color pencils, crayons, and glitters. Another important aspect of this project was creating a relaxed mood so that the children would express their natural creativity at ease. We thus played a pre-selected list of happy and energetic music that would excite them for better results.

The 16 artworks came out to be extremely abstract, and the result was excellent. Not only composition wise, but also the color scheme, mark making, and the vibrant feel of the artwork was beyond expectation. Upon discussing the work with the children, we found ourselves being surprised by the intention of the individual pieces. Our guess of what it seemed like was often wrong, but the discord of thoughts wasn’t annoying in any way. It brought inspiration and insight instead. After all, the artwork seemed like an accurate capture of their clean and undisturbed thoughts and feelings. The transformation was significant, and I can still feel the energy when looking at the artworks.

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