Panoptic Society by Lanna Lang

Screengrab of the website (Vimeo link)

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I created my own website that transforms Internet communities into a pseudo-real-world society - imagining how these online communities would interact if they existed in real life. The communities I included in my virtual society each comment on how people tend to present our digital personas differently than how we present ourselves in reality. There were experiments and research that proved people present positive self-view to others when online, leading to an increase in self-esteem and a decrease in self-control. This message will be the core idea behind this dystopian society - filled with digital personas who do not resemble their offline personas.

Inspired by Cameron Askin's virtual world, my website features this hierarchical society with different factions as the audience scrolls down the website, each community flowing into the other. Along with the audience interaction with the website, there is a monologue that plays as the viewer scrolls, mimicking a tour host touring the communities.

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