This is Panniroom. Panniroom was a virtual "room" that was offered as a first social media form for my (2000s) generation of Sout Korean kids. The world of Panniroom is simple. You find rooms of your friends' or someone you find on Panniroom, you visit their rooms and leave comments. You can also upload gif or jpg file of any genre, comment below them, and interact with people. But its limitation in technology exists. The first limitation is that you will not be notified when someone comments on your room or your comments. The fun was that you have to constantly visit your friends' rooms to see if they commented back. The second limitation is that there is no mobile version of it. This was popping in flip phone ages. Panniroom was only accessible through Internet Explorer.

I first scoped out to see if anyone was still here. Because Panniroom was only popular until Facebook and twitter hit us. According to my memory, I started panniroom in grade 2 and moved to Facebook and twitter when I was in grade 5. However, for those kids who could not fake their age for those social media still stayed in panniroom. Surprisingly, a handful amount of people were still here. I was happy at first, yet wondered what they are still doing here.

I started to actively put out my message to the world. According to the themes of their rooms, I put out donation links and articles about issues that related to the theme. I also put out the time and date in Korean time zone for my great discussion of these issues, hoping that someone would show up.

But then when I re-visited their rooms, I realized that I was not getting much attention from the owners. Therefore, I decided that I should grab the biggest group of Panniroom to get more comments and visitors: the Kpop fandom.

I found some posts on "today's gif" section, which is mainly gifs of Kpop stars, on the main page, and visited some of them and did some research on those Kpop stars and commented on their posts as if I were actually their fan. However, this did not bring me more followers either.

I posted a few, yet this one got the most clout. I started to get some attention, but also some haters as well. A user called Space Tuna seemed to not agree with my fake love for this Kpop star, and decided to comment "you suck."

The next day, I went into Panniroom, and realized that I actually got enough clout (clout of 17 people seeing my post and 5 people commenting) through being a fake fan to be chosen to be on Today's gif section. I clicked some of the gifs and also realized that Space Tuna is just a hater of everyone.

I waited in my room on Sunday night for people to show up for the meeting. However, nobody showed up. I was a little sad, yet I remembered to not give myself high hopes.

So I decided to not give up and carry on with what I can. I still visited people's rooms and kept on giving out websites such as the dolphin rescue donation page.

Total visitors of 9 people. I think this is the right ending.

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