One Shot Intervention – IZ

Throughout the Civil War, Allegheny Arsenal in Lawrenceville manufactured ammunition to supply troops. The workers were mainly women and children, comprised in large part of Irish immigrants. On September 17, 1862, killing 78 workers died in three large explosions at Allegheny Arsenal. This was the largest industrial accident in Pittsburgh’s history and the largest civilian disaster during the Civil War. Despite the number of victims, the disaster was not reported on or memorialized with any significance, as it was overshadowed by the Battle of Antietam, fought on the same day. Fifty four of the victims of the Arsenal disaster were unidentifiable. Their remains were placed in a mass grave located in the Allegheny Cemetery. In order to memorialize this event, I have placed a small holly bush at their grave as a gesture of remembrance, a common Celtic symbol of dignity and protection.

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