Olivia and Charlie’s Lemonade Stand (Change)

Charlie and I thought a lot on how we could really change a person. We thought of ways to physically change a person and mentally change a person. We want to make a lemonade stand that changes the people that drink our lemonade.

1. We first thought about illegal ways to change the people who consume our lemonade, like spiking it with alcohol. That would chemically change our consumers, but neither charlie nor I want to go to jail.

2. So then we thought of change though education and knowledge. The truth is everyone is a little bit ignorant and selfish. We only want to know the things that effect us. So we want to make our lemonade stand a publicized event, probably through live streaming. Charlie and I will give people lemonade and ask them to say something they know about a certain country. Following that we will bombard them with current events occurring in that country. We feel like this project could not only change the ignorance of the people who have our lemonade, but also ourselves.

3. Our final idea is on physically changing our consumer. We feel as though the obesity levels and the sugar consumption of our country is outrageous. The average American consumes 170 pounds of sugar a year. 10 percent of our country has a form of diabetes. We want our lemonade stand to be sugar free and still tasty. The way we go about doing that is by making our consumers take a pill of mberry, which changes our taste buds. Our lemonade will be sweet without the use of any sugar. We plan on informing the people who drink our lemonade different facts about america’s dietary problems. Maybe handing them a pamphlet in the end.


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