Neti Pot Genie

I was responding to a cemetery. I filmed in the Allegheny Cemetery but this specific site is not as important as a cemetery in general. I am recreating/remixing an anecdote from when I was ten and really wanted a pair of Osiris shoes (lol). My mom and I used to take walks in a cemetery in the summer and she was thinking of an incentive for her own laughs. She came up with telling me to run across the cemetery at night. We both thought it was funny and I was scared. It's a funny memory that demonstrates our relationship and humor perfectly. The Neti Pot Genie is my mom through FaceTime in the reflection of my neti pot (inspired by a conversation where my mom saw herself in the reflection over the phone and called herself the Net Pot Genie). Further, I have been thinking about the etiquette of a cemetery. I think it is interesting to use a cemetery for personal gain/ to view a place of rest to fulfill a want.

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