My Therapeutic Chair

I love going on walks late at night, that was the only chance I had growing up in South Korea. I would always walk to the same bridge, Mapo Bridge, and just sit next to it. It was a spot where I could be alone and think clearly without any distractions. I felt far away from my problems and it was a place of peace for me.

Being in college has caused a lot of anxiety for me for many reasons and these moments of alone time have really been helpful because it reminds me of home and I also get some time alone.

I made a chair for public use. It is a chair that I want to use to sit on and stare out into the view. However, I want this chair to be a chair that anyone can use. Hopefully by sharing my chair I can help others have a similar experience to what I have. There is a message on it that says: “This is a therapeutic chair. Do what you need with it to clear your mind. I like to sit on it by the river and just stare out. Looking at the traffic on the bridge, the water flowing and the peace helps me think clearly. However, everyone has their own way so do what you need to do. Just please return the chair after using it so that others can use it. Thank you.”

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