It’s following me..

For this Project, I chose the location Grandview Overlook (also known as Mt. Washington). I chose this place because of the personal connections that I have with the place and also because it is a spot that is public to all travelers and Pittsburgh’s natives. I liked the idea that this public place was in such a private and secluded area from the actual city of Pittsburgh. What is following me is this weight. My fears, my stress, my worries. All the heavy weight on my shoulders from all types of situations. I wanted to get rid of it. I didn’t want it to loom over me whenever I was just getting a hang of everything. I am the type of person that can’t bear the weight. I break and I become weak and I always feel like the negative weight is noticeably heavier. This is me, going to this place, far from where I am suffocating. I wanted to throw it away, but no matter how I try, I seem to have gotten attached. This figure that I have created to represent my shadow is what has become a part of me. 

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