Inviting Street Signage

I have added a street marker on the bike lane on Liberty Ave, in front of the new "Five Guys" which opened 2 months ago and is "open late". It lies between the local USPS and Ritter's Diner parking lot. Hoping to get a fraction of the joy which was presented to me by Michael, who pulled over in his car when he saw me waiting for the bus with my unicycle propped up between my legs. He has been living in Pittsburgh all his life, and unicycles to this day across neighborhoods, now in his mid-60s. I was the first person he saw riding in Pittsburgh in 40 years, but mostly he hadn't seen anyone because he didn't think there was anyone. I am pretty crap at riding the unicycle, but kids get really excited when they see me so I give them waves. I'm hoping for something along the lines of my ex-boyfriend in highschool who was inspired to skateboard by a teenager he saw while riding the school bus.

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