You can be anyone on the internet. Why would you want to be yourself?

I added a total of 5 pictures on my personal instagram where I replaced my face with an avatar (Memoji, bitmoji, sims, mii, and secondlife). I selected these five pictures because I like the photos themselves but didn't like how I looked in them. So, I decided that I wanted to represent myself in a more "perfect" fashion, and the best way to accomplish this was through avatars, because they rarely have imperfections. I am intrigued by avatars, specifically ones on the platforms shown here, because people often personalize them to resemble themselves. I don't understand why anyone would want to do this, because you can look like anyone you want on the internet, so why is it so appealing to make an avatar that resembles you in real life? These five avatars were created by my friends, because I wanted to experiment with how other people interpreted my online image. I chose instagram as the platform for my avatars to interact because I worry too much about what other people see on my profile, and these pictures would never make it through my personal filter. Through this project, I realized that I am hyper-aware of my self-image due to the amount of anxiety I had to overcome just to post these four pictures on my Instagram account.

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