free art school

there is great potential in digital space

to be able to construct different pockets of

different worlds

less oppressive than our own.

much of the world, including digital space, is organized around the culture of capitalism,

the attention economy,


so many people and things saying "buy this! you need it!"

the beautiful thing about the web, is that you can construct a little pocket of the world that operates in a different way

i am interested in building gardens -

spaces that nourish,

that take care and cultivation,

that serve those around them by the

food they provide.

spaces open to everyone,

truly public

(its funny that universities are not gardens, not at all)

i wish they were

and so,

here is the wish

and its the one that birthed

the free art school garden.

i have used the platform to try to build a space that would nourish with the information it contains that are often hidden due to academic pay walls. i have downloaded many readings from cmu's critical theory reader, and also readings from other especially new media syllabi from different colleges. on, you can build channels, which are kind of like boards on pinterest but you can put pdfs and links in them. they are green (below) because anyone can add more pdfs to them. my hope is that this space could become a collective space for the sharing of information usually only available.

in the future, i would like to expand this project to be a website; ask friends from cmu and other art schools to add their syllabi and readings; provide more historical context for the readings with little writings as descriptions


my three channels on; free art school garden (with pdfs & link to google drive); archive of archives (links to channels that have there own collections of archives of different art/design related texts); and free classes and course syllabi (with a collection of online classes and different college syllabi)
free art school garden with pdfs, as well as a link to a public google doc with all the readings which is open to public commenting
some of the pdfs on free art school garden channel; available to view and download
public google drive, with all readings in alphabetical order of their authors
(showing how ideally google docs would be a wonderful way to add comments on particular passages!)
free classes and course syllabi channel contains just that! lots of classes from open yale courses
this is an archive of different other archives! some well known, like ubu.web, but also some like

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