Employing the Deep Web Towards Black Liberation: A Manifesto

I wanted to create a work that intervened not only in the Internet itself -- but how people chose to interact or not interact with it. With the way that we are surveilled online becoming more and more of a commonly discussed topic in the mainstream, I thought about how those who do vulnerable work (namely pro-black activists) and also rely on the Internet as a way to get this work done can safeguard themselves from surveillance and retaliatory violence.

I saw the deep-web as a perfect online space for working towards this ideal, as it is both known to be more private than the surface web while also being relatively easy to access with a computer and an internet connection.

I wrote an essay or manifesto, which I then distilled into a zine. This zine is available to print for free on my website, and I have also posted it in its entirety to my social media. Meanwhile, I also plan to distribute copies of my zine on campus, at public libraries, specialty book stores, art spaces, coffee shops, etc. -- submitting copies of the essay on which my zine is based to online publications in the hopes that others might read it and pass it on to people that they know.

The zine that I've written does not seek to prop up the deep web as something that activists must embrace, but rather start a conversation on keeping ourselves safe.

Print this out above and fold easily at home

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