Craig St. Continued


Craig Street Museum 1/18/16

Daily Exhibition: Pill, Bottle Cap, Children’s Hospital Parking Ticket, Small Green Luggage Tag, Leather Tag


Craig Street Museum 2/1/16

Daily Exhibition: Warhol tag, Ticket to Dirty Grandpa, Carnegie Natural History Museum Tag, Can Opener Tab with Bull, Laundry Tag I


Craig Street Museum 2/2/16

Daily Exhibition: Green Plastic Bottle Part, San Pellegrino Foil, Laundry Tag II, Cable Splitter

IMG_2158 (1) copy

Craig Street Museum 2/3/16

Daily Exhibition: Styrofoam and String, Small Yellow Lego, Blown Away Parking Ticket, Silica Bag


Craig Street Museum 2/4/16

Daily Exhibition: Ketchup Cup, Ripped Cigar Label, Pen Cap, Small Unknown Plastic Object, Sweet n’ Low Packet


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