CP Documentation for Travelling Lungs

Travelling Lungs was my place and participation project aimed at spreading awareness to the air quality issues within Pittsburgh. This past year, Pittsburgh received a failing grade for its air quality by the American Lung Association and was ranked the 8th worst US city for its particulate matter pollution. These cause a variety of health problems for people who live here and are constantly exposed to the air. For the project, I assumed the persona of a pair of lungs and travelled around different areas in Pittsburgh to engage in conversation with people about AQ. The project went through several iterations as it was a learning experience for me in art that involved social interactions and public speaking. The final version included a large nose hat and the conversation became a trivia game where answers to questions would lead to participants putting a black sticker on my lungs followed by facts that were embedded within the conversation. Below are some pictures and an attached youtube video of how my project evolved.

One of the things that remained constant was showing participants this map of of black carbon in the air in Allegheny (to talk about diesel traffic and industrial plants and factory sources) made by Albert Presto in the CAPS at CMU and a flyer illustrating health effects of air pollution that I created.




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