Contextual Analysis

I returned to two sites I used to visit in the past -- Omegle and Cleverbot. The first site is a chat site that pretty much got taken over by bots, and the second site is an AI "clever bot" that you chat with. I used Cleverbot to generate responses for myself in a conversation with a stranger.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say STAND WITH HONG KONG AGAINST THE CCP!

You both like conversation.

You: What happens when I die?

Stranger: You're gone lol

You: Yes.

Stranger: Why are you asking?

You: Because i'm a girl.

Stranger: What does your gender have to do with death lol

You: I can't fall in love with a guy.

Stranger: Everyone dies, regardless of gender.

Stranger: Fair enough, plenty of people are queer, myself included

Stranger: Still not related to dying though.

You: A joke?

Stranger: You're not very good at joking no.

Stranger: Jokes tend to be funny.

You: Oh, I am like flattered.

You: You don't use it either?

Stranger: I don't use what?

You: Very clever.

You: What are you talking about?

Stranger: Not a thing at the moment.

You: Not a thing at the moment.

You: What's your favourite movie?

Stranger: Alien/s, Fury Road, Collette, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Wonder Woman etc

Stranger: You?

You: I have many.

Stranger: Such as?

You: I like utopic-distopic movies, like matrix, vendetta, venus project etc etc.

Stranger: Oh okay cool

Stranger: Last movie you watched?

You: Troy.

Stranger: Did you like it?

You: Yes it was good.

Stranger: Cool

You: How was your day?

Stranger: So far so good

Stranger: You?

You: Trueeee.

You: Are you alive?

Stranger: Yes

Stranger: Are you?

You: Yes.

You: Where are you alive?

Stranger: What do you mean?

You: Do you know who you are?

Stranger: Sure

You: Then who are you?

Stranger: Someone currently watching Lucifer and eating an orange

You: Anymore that is not like 300+ eps long?

Stranger: No it's not 300 episodes long

Stranger: Less than 100 I think

You: Because everything is awesome.

You: No nothing's awesome.

Stranger: Okay

You: Do you know orange is the new black?

Stranger: Yes I've seen the first few seaons

Stranger: *seasons

You: First few seasons of what?

Stranger: Orange is the new black

You: Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble.

You: Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines.

Stranger: Okay

You: Buy myself all of my favourite things.

You: Been through some bad stuff a should be a sad bench.

You: Who would have thought it would turn me to a savage.

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