Contextual Analysis:

Physical Characteristics:

  1. Several categories to explore in their virtual “marketplace”
  2. Simple site design
  3. Search options make it easy to find what you’re looking for
  4. Logo design seems to be popular
  5. According to the site, a “gig” is purchased every five seconds
  6. Prices range from $5.00 to $10,000.
  7. “You can offer any service you wish as long [as] it’s legal and complies with our terms.”
  8. Sellers keep 80% of their transaction
  9. Green and black site design
  10. Fiverr does not allow services that extend beyond 30 days in duration
  11. “Violent” gigs are also not allowed, but terms of what constitutes as “violence” are not specified
  12. Pornographic gigs are not allowed as well
  13. If Gigs include shipping cost, a physical item must be delivered to the buyer
  14. The site is easy to navigate
  15. Search bar allows the user to find a specific service, no matter how obscure
  16. Reviewing system in all categories
  17. Fiverr’s website design reminds me of many similar SquareSpace layouts
  18. Most product photos look professional—images required for all posts
  19. Fiverr displays the names of websites/news sources who have mentioned their service to the bottom of their site (adds to credibility)
  20. Why are so many people offering to blow up and pop balloons?

Social Characteristics:

  1. It seems as though the site is really trying to maintain a professional feel
  2. …despite posts such as “I will put your MESSAGE in a bottle and throw it into the Atlantic Ocean”
  3. Some people take their online business much more seriously than others
  4. Not sure how exploitive the service is?
  5. Some services are much more involved than others— there must be many types of people selling products/services on the site
  6. I know several people that have used Fiverr, which makes me feel like it’s more popular among younger people
  7. Low starting price points make it easy to “commit” to a purchase
  8. Because $5.00 seems so inconsequential, I find it more painless to hypothetically purchase a service
  9. Reviewing system gives the buyer a stronger sense of certainty when purchasing items or services
  10. The website looks streamlined and is easy to use, encouraging me that Fiverr’s service is legitimate
  11. Many of the reviews that I see are positive (four to five stars)— I wonder how often Fiverr reviews are negative?
  12. Because prices start so low, it’s easier to be pulled into more expensive deals after selecting a service, which is good for the sellers
  13. According to the WayBack Machine, Fiverr’s category system has changed a lot throughout the years
  14. Riffing off of the above thought, I wonder why they chose to redo their categorizing system? Perhaps they found that they could split it up in a way that would attract a more professional crowd than before?
  15. Most things offered on Fiverr are custom services, rather than pre-made goods. I wonder which came first?
  16. Why don’t older generations use the site as much as others? In many ways I can see it being useful for non-tech-savvy people
  17. Continuing on that thought, I wonder if services are offered specifically aimed at the elderly, who I’m sure could use some help from time to time
  18. In reference to the legal services offered, I wonder how effective they end up being/ whether or not they hold up?
  19. I wonder how the sellers feel about losing 20 cents on the dollar for each service?
  20. I’m surprised that “pet models” has its own category so prominently displayed? Is that really such a popular Fiverr request?

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