For this online intervention project, I wanted to use an online content sharing website most people are very familiar with and a place most people visit everyday: YouTube. I am very familiar with YouTube and their systems, the way videos get views, video trends, and the YouTube community since I have seven years of experience on this site. This piece, called Click-Art is a satire on YouTube trends and the way people can become so predictable and get sucked into watching the same types of videos over and over again until other channels target and profit off of this predictability and overly market their targeted videos by exploiting the Adsense system to earn considerable amounts of revenue. This leads to an oversaturation of similar content and channels that consequently overshadow the rising artists and rising channels that have genuine content and talent but can’t break through the dark clouds.

The best way I wanted to do this project is to use “click-bait”, a video with a misleading or overly exaggerated thumbnail to attract more viewers.

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