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Hot Dog Stick (2010) – Yoshua Okon

“The piece examines the cultural significance and history of the American Pit Bull, a dog specifically bread to fight. Assembling a group of ten male dogs, Okón orchestrates a highly ritualistic and synchronized performance. The deliberate artificiality melds with a peculiar adherence to actuality, resulting in a powerful tension between what’s choreographed and sudden outbursts of uncontrolled aggression. The piece explores the coexistence of humans and animals as well as notions of violence. It also explores alienation in the context of our pervasive fantasies to control nature.”

Yoshua Okón/Hot Dog Stick


CONSUME – POLITICS (2015) – Hal Hefner


CONSUME is a pop art series that is a biting satirical take on pop culture, politics and products with a blunt social commentary on greed, corruption, narcissism, materialism, consumerism, hatred & bigotry.”

Half Hefner – CONSUME (2001) – Eva and Franco Mattes / Epidemic is a computer virus we created – with hackers group Epidemic – for the 49th Venice Biennale. Released on the night of the opening, it quickly spread around the world.

Immaterial and self-replicating, when the virus enters a computer it stays there, hidden, trying to survive for as long as possible.

The CD-ROM contains 10.000 copies of the virus.” (2001)




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