Change References

During the time our guest speaker came in, I remembered the existence of twitterbots and began to think about their use in art. For my references, I found 3 interesting twitterbots to take inspiration from.


#stayWokeBot is a twitterbot currently being developed by people within the Black Lives Matter movement. The goal for the bot is to sort of automate the process of answering repetitive questions about the Black Lives Matter movement, spread more awareness, and free up some time so activists can do other things too.



#congressedits is a twitterbot created by a guy called Ed Summers. This twitterbot seeks to reveal how congress or the people in congress try to change their narrative by editing Wikipedia articles. The bot posts every time an IP address associated with congress anonymously edits a Wikipedia article.


Two reporters, Patrick Hogan and Jorges Rivas, created #DroptheIBot  to suggest alternative to calling people “illegal.” They felt the term had a dehumanising effect and their bot searches for tweets that use the term to describe people, and suggest alternatives such as “undocumented immigrant.”


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