Change Reference 3; Mobile Homestead


Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead is a permanent art work that is located on the grounds of the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. It is a full-scale replica of the single-story ranch-style house in which Kelley grew up in the Detroit suburb of Westland. Kelley, who died in Los Angeles in 2012, sought to ensure that the Mobile Homestead remain relevant to the cultural interests and concerns of the local communities for as long as it continued to exist. In that spirit, the home was designed so the facade can be detached and driven to neighborhoods throughout the city offering public services on its travels. The camper structure is intended to be used as a  sort of traveling community center that would take the route from his hometown 0f Westland to the downtown area of Detroit allowing different organizations, artists, and charities to do community enriching work in the Mobile Homestead space. The project has since expanded and the camper has driven to various locations across the US, parked for a few weeks to a month and allowed different local organizations to work out of it and allow the community access to it.

Watch this video about the project by the new Executive Director of the Mobile Homestead!

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