Change Reference #3

Joanna Choukeir is a designer, speaker and teacher of social activism. She thinks it’s important that design addresses today’s social issues and provide innovative solutions for these problems. Her project (as part of her work with Uscreates) Fruit and Veg Challenge is an interactive poster designed to motivate healthy eating behaviors within a workplace by encouraging friendly competition of teams can eat the most fruits and vegetables. Every time someone eats a healthy food, they can put a color coded sticker on the poster, which would reveal a healthy heart. The goal is to complete the healthy heart first which is feasible is a team of five eat five pieces of healthy food everyday for 30 days.

While this project is low budget and works within a specific context, it addresses a bigger problem of unhealthy snacking and eating within the workroom. This piece offers an engaging, interactive solution that promotes healthy eating habits, team dependency/bonding and a fun work environment.



Joanna Choukeir

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