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Paper Dolls is a project by Pam DeLuco in collaboration with Drew Cameron and the Combat Paper Project. Paper Dolls is a limited edition, handprinted book that tells the stories of real female veterans. The paper is pulped fabric from the veteran’s clothing which was created by the Combat Paper Project.  The book contains illustrated, paper dolls that you can dress up in military clothing but each doll is personalized to resemble the real person’s uniform equipment and story.


DeLuco was a volunteer in this project and met female veterans who told stories of the emotional ties with their clothing. These stories were voluntarily given by female veterans all around the world and who served over the last 4 decades. This piece was a way to honor the sacrifices and experiences of real female veterans and the act of creating a hand-bound book that was physically and conceptually made by the veterans, allowed for a cathartic release.


Paper Dolls


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