Change Reference #1


Artist Sebastian Errazuriz wanted to the people of New York to realize a powerful but somewhat abstract statistic through more comprehensible means – a visual transformation of the grounds of a waterslide park in Dumbo, New York. Every week in New York City 1,100 people die, so Errazuriz put exactly that many crosses into the ground, forming a massive graveyard. An Attempt to Understand a Statistic (2009) uses Styrofoam and wood crosses, and the aid of 40 volunteers under the artist’s direction, to create a temporary cemetery that definitely catches attention.

This piece has been said to remind people of their own mortality, but I also think it serves in reminding people not to forget others; that lives, however anonymous, finally have extreme weight and value rather than just being a number. It’s an acknowledgement from the public in a sense, even if you don’t want to be confronted with it, people see it.

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