Change Proposal

In this project, I want to show people what happens in factory farms and prove that all animal products, whether it’s meat, eggs, or milk, come from mistreating animals and environmental problems (unless you buy from a small, local farm which few people do because it’s so expensive). I have been really struggling with how I want to present this information, because it so often comes off as aggressive, self-righteous, or angsty. However, this is a problem I genuinely care about so I didn’t want to switch topics.

What I came up with is a hand-made “choose your own adventure book” inspired by this book I read as a kid “Milo and the Magical Stones”:

At one point, the page is divided in half and the story goes in two different directions. I want to make a book that does over and over for each way that you can consume an animal. On the first page you choose which animal you want to consume, then you choose which product (ex: eggs or meat for chickens; veal, beef, or meat for cows, etc) then on the last page using drawings I will explain how this part of the animal is produced and the problems associated with it. I want to focus on making the book and drawings aesthetically beautiful which will make people more inclined to look at it allowing them to learn more than they would from Sue Coe’s work, for example, which is simply repulsive/disturbing but not informative.

Here is a rough draft of the information I want to include:

I plan on also including duck and goat so I can discuss foie gras and lamb which are both all kinds of messed up.

I don’t plan on putting any pleas for people to stop eating meat or dairy anywhere in the book. Rather, I hope people will find the information disturbing and make their own decisions. If all that happens is they go to eat lunch after reading the book and decide to get tofu with their lo mein instead of beef, I’ll be happy.

As far as distributing this I have two ideas: I’m going to make a super aesthetic, legit looking hand-bound version with all the original pen drawings and possibly try to get it in that cool books room in Hunt. Then it would be pretty easy to make a zine version that I could make a bunch of copies of and put in the zine section in the fiction stacks at the Carnegie Library.

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