Change Proposal

For my change proposal I’m interested in making a twitterbot to try to cause some change or discussion. I first learned about twitterbots in Golan’s Creative Computing class. Twitterbots so far have been used mostly for humor or other things. Classic twitterbots tweet poetry and rhyme with themselves, or post jokes. After the class our guest speaker came in for, I wondered if twitterbots were being used for activist purposes. After searching it up, I found out that they were. I think twitterbots can be really useful because they don’t need to be maintained and are basically automatic. On Twitter with millions of people posting a day, the most efficient and only way to get to the greatest number of them is through an automated system. Twitter is something users go on several times a day, and a Twitterbot can be used a monitor, an intervention, a reminder, or a greater number of things. I think a good Twitterbot can remind people of something important, or even trigger a conversation. I have some ideas for what kind of bot but am not entirely sure. I’m thinking about the role of artists in society, and maybe a twitterbot that reminds artists to consider their audience, impact, etc. Another possible use is a bot that looks for people having an argument and having the twitterbot see this and interject with a “calm down and think about the other person” statement. I was also thinking of several ideas related to the current view of minorities and also the experience of 2nd generation immigrants in the US, and thinking of ways to find the correct keywords to search for and whether to provide facts or reminders or links to articles.

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