Change Project – Shannon

Change References:

  1. I decided to do a different participation project, so I’m going back to my original idea for that. The references for that are still important here 🙂

Participation References


I was inspired by the tradition of confessionals, where a person goes in to confess wrongdoings to a priest/certified person.

3. Gospel handouts / cards

Thinking about the way many churches pass out cards and such to spread their message. Also made me think about Leann’s Place project 

4. Objects made with recycled plastic bags

Change Proposal:

I am thinking about some sort of confessional where people can talk about what they do that negatively impacts the environment and what small changes they can make to improve things.

Issues with this –  documentation – since the confessional is supposed to be a private thing and I’m not sure how I feel about video/written records of the conversations, even though they’d be pretty mundane and not really personal.

I was also thinking about some sort of giveaway and maybe making things our of trash that would be unable to recycle (?).

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