Change Project- 1/2 Context Analysis, References, Proposal

Context Analysis:

CMU Diversity

  1. private school
  2. university
  3. global research
  4. “diverse”
  5. in pittsburgh, pa
  6. 13,650 students
  7. 1423 faculty
  8. 100,000+ alumni
  9. Students currently representing 114 countries
  10. Faculty currently representing 48 countries
  11. Alumni currently representing 145 countries
  12. Current Graduate students 63% international
  13. Current Undergraduate students 23% international
  14. Current Faculty  13% international
  15. Current Alumni  13% international
  16. Top 20 school in the nation
  17. Top 25 school in the world
  18. Dietrich, CFA, SCS, Tepper, MCS, CIT
  19. Most undergrad students from NJ, CA, NY
  20. diversity and inclusion a large conversation on campus
  21. CMU takes stand against trump immigration ban
  22. Offers classes dealing with cross cultural studies
  23. Many cultural clubs
  24. Large asian population
  25. US Undergrad Statistics (note asian and white are extremely close)
    0.1% American Indian/Alaskan Native
    33.9% Asian
    5.7% Black/African-American
    9.7% Hispanic/Latino
    5.1% Multi-race (not Hispanic/Latino)
    0.0% Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander
    38.8% White
    6.6% Unknown




Blackout Day – Blackout is a social media movement that aims to increase African American representation in the fashion world and in media. It also creates visibility and a positive space for people of color on social media. On specific days, people take over social media in a “blackout”

Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight), Emma Sulkowicz

Emma Sulkowicz (a student a columbia university) bared the physical burden of carrying a mattress around campus until her university recognized her sexual assault. It was a physical manifestation/movement that sparked a nationwide response on a college campus.

First Generation Fashion

In a city that represents a microcosm of the world, being a New York native is often synonymous with being of international descent. First Gen Fashion is a visual reflection of New York City. It captures an authentic representation of the ethnic communities that influence its incredible culture.


Issue: Xenophobia- how current immigrants and first generations Americans have benefitted/is benefitting America/CMU/Their Communities. Challenging the notion of being ‘American’.

Action: Create an All-“American” brand (conceived and produced here, or even outsourced materials i.e. things made in china and india but are sold here to benefit American economy) and a preliminary product (tshirts).  I will ask first generation Americans/ Current Immigrants / International Students looking to live here to talk about their experiences through social media by using fashion and “street style” blogs as a catalyst/door to talking about this issue in an updated and new way.

Possible Shirt Designs/Slogan:

(not final designs whatsoever!!)

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