change project

It is important to maintain mental health as much as physical health. Too much of stress or anxiety can cause illness that affects not only your mental status but also physical wealth. However, it is not so easy to do so. People get so busy with works and end up not being able to even look back at themselves if they are in healthy status.

Especially in CMU, where people are overloaded with projects and works, people hardly have time to do introspection. Up to 11% of student population visit Counseling and Psychological Service (CaPS) every year to get help with anxiety, stress, or depression. One of the counselors from CaPS said they are not only lacking the time to do it, but also missing the importance of it.

So in order to get people to do some introspection, I went around the campus engaging people to write to their future about how they are doing in current state. Some had some hard time thinking what to write, and some just went right into it. There were a lot of better responses than what I have expected people to write. A lot of the letters were about their current worries and hoping the future would be better.

As they did introspection once when they were writing the letters, I hope they would do another when they receive the postcards comparing how they are doing in the future.

(Some of participants weren’t comfortable with documentation, so they were excluded)

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