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Ghost bikes are painted white and left at the scene of  an accident involving a cyclist to commemorate cyclists who have died on the road. The first recorded instance of a ghost bike could be traced back to St. Louis Missouri in 2003. The website associated with the movement is defunct and no longer active, and bikes are often removed from their places. My project attempts to make memorials of these neglected/removed ghost bikes to not just put a name to the mostly anonymous/forgotten victims, but also to highlight the often ignored/generalized cycling community. I also hope that this reaches both the active/non-active ghost bike contributors.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article on ghost bikes and its origins in Pittsburgh

Mostly anonymous/removed ghost bikes in Pittsburgh

My first plaque would commemorate Rui Hui Lin, the first person in Pittsburgh who had a ghost bicycle put up after. I cycled to the same spot to put up the plaque.

Location in 2010, taken by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The house and car remains unchanged, while the bicycle had been replaced.

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