Change Project – Annie & Sarah

We are planning on continuing our Participation project for the Change project.

But this time, we are planning on printing out a physical zine for the interviewees and make an attempt to create a small connection between the participants.

As an immigrant growing up watching my parents running a restaurant, I know how hard it is to be  secluded and alienated in a foreign country where you do not speak nor understand the language. My parents needed a Korean community and usually the church is where most immigrants bond with each other and create their own small community in order to feel grounded in a foreign country. However, even at the church it was hard for my parents to fully connect with people who had different occupations. But when they met other Korean immigrants who owned or worked at a restaurant, they were able to feel this immediate connection and sense of belonging. After that, they were able to realize that there are so many other Korean immigrants near them who were in similar situations and some were even able to give out advice on owning a business in general.

The interviewees who participated in our project probably do belong in a small community here in pittsburgh where they know other Chinese or Korean immigrants whom they can rely on. In that case, in order to create a broader connection, we wanted the interviewees know about each others personal stories and remind them that they belong in a larger community and that it is very close to them. If they don’t already connect with others, then we would love to let them know that they are not alone, and show them, their connections to the bigger community through our project.

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